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Tech Workshops

Check out the Tech Workshops we archive here from our Tech Office Hours! Watch replays of the workshops and download resources for FREE!

Smart Money Habits with Regions

Start your financial plans for FREE! User Banker ID# C6356

Are you ready to make your money work for you? Join us #TechOfficeHours. We’re speaking with experts at Regions Bank about organization and record-keeping to make tracking your spending and reaching your financial goals easier. This live presentation from January 8, 2022 is led by Mikki Moss, a Certified Financial Wellness Relationship Manager, and Lee Barnes, a VP Branch Manager of Regions Bank. Collectively, the two have over 30+ years of experience in the financial industry. Click the title to get started! Use the Banker ID# C6356

Using Tech to Make Financial Services More Accessible with Sheena Allen

FinTech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. Are you interested in learning more?! Sheena Allen, founder and CEO of CapWay discusses in this live stream from December 11, 2021 how business owners and consumers can better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing FinTech. She also distinguishes the services that set CapWay apart from its competitors. Want to learn more about Sheena? CapWay Linktree:

Into the Metaverse: A Conversation with Facebook Reality Labs

In the live panel from November 13, 2021, we’re collaborating with Facebook Reality Labs to bring you conversations from leaders at the forefront of XR. We’re discussing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Metaverse! In addition, the– Facebook turned Meta– team will discuss open roles and positions. Watch the video to find out more about all of our panelists AND find out where to apply for jobs and explore your interests in Meta! Keep watching for a direct contact to answer your questions and find out more.

Levels To This: Navigating Careers In Tech with Dr. Amber Johnson, Tory Hargro, Erica Plybeah & Soden Dan Ka

Join us in this replay of our panel presentation streamed live on September 11, 2021 featuring tech professionals from a diverse array of careers. This presentation will covers concrete career development tools and strategies for navigating the job search process by providing actionable tips and advice to help each person launch their post-graduation career. Our four panelists include: Dr. Amber Johnson is a Software Engineer and the first Black woman to receive a PhD. in Computer Science from Purdue University. Find her daily: Tory Hargro, Product Design Leader at Facebook. Find him daily: Erica Plybeah is a clinical informatics project manager turned technology entrepreneur with over a decade of healthcare experience. Find her daily: Soden Dan Ka (aka Khmer Tech Guy) is the Founder and Web Developer of Ka Genius. Find him daily:

Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business with Theresa Kennedy

Learn how to make digital marketing work for your business or service in this workshop that was streamed live on August 14, 2021! Theresa Kennedy, Communications Strategist, will lead this presentation with key information about generating more awareness for your brand online. Theresa started fifty-five│twenty, LLC, a public relations, marketing and brand/business development agency, in 2012. Her clients include: small businesses, corporations and non profits. She is continuing to let her light shine and helping others do so through her communications skills and expertise. The company believes in creating solutions for our clients that adds value to their business and impacts their brand. Discover digital marketing tactics that will expand your business online. Wanna keep in touch with Theresa?! website: email: Instagram:

Tech Beats & Art Bytes with Joe Dent

We can all agree that technology has had a profound influence on the art and development of music. It has truly altered how music is transmitted, received, performed, composed, delivered and preserved. Many artists and art professionals are transforming the art world by leveraging powerful technology and tools as an art and design medium. We’re speaking to creative artist Joe Dent about how the role technology plays in his creative process. He’ll also discuss how technology has changed the landscape of creating in art and music. If you’re a creator, artist, musician, or an art enthusiast, be sure to tune in to this live beach-side chat from July 10, 2021! Want to learn more about Joe? Website: Email:

Diversifying Your Income Streams

During this live presentation on June 12, 2021, Warn Wilson talks about how you can create and acquire multiple streams of income. Wilson, having many interests, also discusses his children’s book and his entrepreneurial spirit. If you’d like guidance on generating revenue from different sources and deciding on which ones to get started with, then click play and take notes! Warn Wilson is an engineer, artist and writer from Jackson, MS. He obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University and enjoys combining his passions and creating something new. Want to learn more about him? Website: Instagram:

Launching a Career in Tech

Have you ever wondered how to get a job in tech? Are you interested in working at tech companies but not sure if you have tech skills? This featured presentation streamed live on May 8, 2021 showcases panelists from some of the biggest names in the industry, from Amazon to Hulu! Press play to learn how they got their start and get advice on how to prepare yourself for a job in Silicon Valley and beyond. Our four panelists include Jessica Kennedy Vickers (Royal Caribbean), Kenzy Hinton (Hulu), Darius Robinson (Amazon), and Luther Martin (IBM). Calling all students, aspiring tech professionals, entry level professionals and graduates…. This one is for you.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Writing Text Games with ChoiceScript

Join us in this live workshop from April 10, 2021 as Ben goes through the basics of how to write text-based games with the ChoiceScript language! He also explains some advanced tips to help take your games to the next level, and offers an introduction to the ChoiceScript community. Lastly, he’ll will discuss how participants can make money through Choice of Games with your finished games! Ben is a software engineer, game developer, and author of How to Score Your First Game Job, a how-to book that draws on his 10+ years of experience working in the game industry. Visit Ben’s sites to learn more about him: Personal: Branded:

How To Tech Up Your Garden

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Nashlie Sephus, talks about all the tech tools she uses to enhance her gardening experience. She talks about how living in a pandemic allowed her to finally be forced to stop and be at home, which in turn helped her realize a real passion for plants. Keep watching this live workshop from March 13, 2021 to get tips, looks and knowledge from three generations as she features her mother and grandmother’s gardens as well.

Dating in a Digital World: How Technology Has Changed the Game

This live presentation from February 13, 2021 is all about how technology has played a role in dating for some years now through social media and dating apps. Join in while Meshie Carbon and Edward Thomas of Let’s Liink talk about the challenges that technology presents and how their new dating app Let’s Liink tackles and successfully alleviates these challenges that occur in other dating apps. You don’t want to miss out on their app’s launch in June/July of 2021. Do you want to ask another question?? Email Meshie at (with 2 i’s)

Jumpstart Your Year: Productivity and Security Tips

The holidays may be over but we found a few more tech tips in the bottom of our stockings. Start 2021 off in this live virtual workshop aired on January 9th and join our CTO, Ivan Walker, in discussing productivity tips and keeping your digital info tight and right! Do you want to keep in touch with Ivan? Follow him on Instagram @iwalkdaline or email him at

2020 Recap

Check out this recap from December 12, 2020 of all our year of 2020 workshops to see what you may have missed out on! We’ve had some awesome guests this year and we wanted to give you the short version of each live stream so that it’ll be easy for you to find what you want to learn more about. You can find the full versions of each of our workshops on YouTube, Vimeo and on our website at Thanks for your support this year and we’ll have plenty more great tech content in 2021 as well!

Living the #CyberLife: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Troy Nunnally

Join us as we sit down with Dr. Troy Nunnally as he explains best practices and tips on navigating the cyber world. This Live virtual Tech Workshop on November 14, 2020 provides great insight for what we should do in our everyday encounters with cybersecurity. This was The Bean Path’s live event for Tech Office Hours moderated by our Chief Technology Officer, Ivan Walker. There is a live Q&A portion at the end so be sure to watch to the end!

Freelancing 101: Tech Small Business

Ready to start your tech business? Tune into this Virtual Tech Office Hours Workshop that aired live on October 10, 2020. In this workshop, Jackson, MS local, Natalie Sharma speaks on how she started her own graphic designing business in 2015, and all the things she’s learned since then. Watch her presentation and the very insightful live Q&A with our audience to learn more!

Websites vs. Web Apps

Websites vs. Web Apps
Live virtual Tech Workshop on September 12, 2020. During this workshop, The Bean Path hosts a webinar featuring Jackson, Mississippi local, Rohit Sharma. This workshop will teach you the qualities and purposes of websites and web apps so that you’ll know what to begin with and scale to for your business or organization. Watch this insightful video as Rohit explains it all.

The Art of AI

Play with Google Quick, Draw!

Play with Google Quick, Draw!

Live virtual Tech Workshop on August 8, 2020. For our August Tech Office Hours Workshop, The Bean Path hosts a webinar featuring our founder & CEO, Dr. Nashlie Sephus. In this presentation, participants will learn the basics of how AI (Artificial Intelligence) works using Google Quick, Draw! and learn about how to prevent biases in machine learning.

Appy Hour: App Dev 101

View resources from this workshop!

View resources from this workshop!

Live virtual Tech Workshop on July 11, 2020. For this Tech Office Hours Workshop, The Bean Path hosts a webinar featuring Jackson, Mississippi native, Fred Burns. This workshop is a deeper dive into the world of app making for anyone who’s ready to step up their business. Watch this detailed video and download the resources to follow along as Fred shows you how to build a smart phone app using iOS tools.

Appy Hour: Design Your App Without Code

Live virtual Tech Workshop on June 13, 2020. In this Tech Office Hours Workshop, The Bean Path hosts a webinar featuring Natalie Sharma of Jackson, Mississippi. Follow this step-by-step video where Natalie shows you how to build your own smart phone app. Rewind and pause the replay of this live virtual workshop until you make something great to improve your business or organization.

Tech Life Alert: Being Essential in Healthcare

View professional tips & takeaways from this workshop!

Live virtual Tech Workshop on May 9, 2020. For this Tech Office Hours Workshop, The Bean Path hosts a webinar featuring a curated guest panel of health professionals from Jackson, Mississippi. View this informative discussion about the changes that each of our guest panelists has encountered post COVID-19, and see how they cope with balancing work and family-life during their “new normal”. Be ready to take note of some important pro health/tech tips and takeaways from them as well!

Tech Life Alert: Helping You Stay Social & Distant

View/download the presentation from this workshop!

Live virtual Tech Workshop on April 11, 2020. In this workshop, Dr. Nashlie Sephus will discuss how various tech tools can help you engage in social events including birthday parties, church services, work meetings and checking in with loved ones, especially the elderly.

Easy Video Editing with AI

View/download the presentation from this workshop!

Tech Workshop at Medgar Evers Library on March 14, 2020. Looking to make some quick videos with all that content on your phone and laptop? Download the presentation from Tech Office Hours featured workshop to start you on the right path! This workshop focused on Easy Video Editing using Artificial Intelligence (AI).